A Letter to God Class 10 First flight NCERT Book Questions Answers

A Letter to God is a short story written by G.L. Fuentes. This story has taken from the ncert English book class 10th the First Flight. JCERT books followers can use these notes for preparation for the Board Exam. We wrote the summary of the lesson as well as important questions answers. All the questions are very important for the final term examination.

Summary of A letter to God class 10th

The story is about Lencho the main character, who is a farmer who has an enormous belief in God. The cornfield he is cultivating has been completely devastated by hailstorms, however, he doesn't abandon or let go of trust in the mercy or justice exhibited by God and decides instead to write an open letter to God and request financial assistance. In his letter, he states that "If God does not help his family, they will be hungry this year, and he requires a hundred pesos in order to plant new crops". 
First flight NCERT Book Questions Answer

He writes the letter "To God".In the office of the Postmaster, the postal worker received this letter, the postman broke into laughing and handed the document to the postmaster. The postmaster, being a decent man, though could have the faith Lencho had, and after an enjoyable laugh, he became serious and decided to assist Lencho by donating some cash. He was able to gather seventy pesos thanks to the assistance of his staff, and also by taking a portion of his pay.

The money was kept in the envelope. Then, with one word for the sign-off: God sealed the envelope and addressed the envelope to Lencho. When Lencho arrived at the office of the postman to collect the letter, he was not in the least surprised, and actually was furious after receiving only seventy pesos instead of the full 100. Then he made a decision to write a second letter to God in which he requests the entire amount, but this time not by post as the postal staff can be insecure and steal money from the envelope.

A Letter To God Class 10 Important Questions Answers

Ques: "Faith can move mountains." Explain in reference to the lesson.
Ans: Faith is essential to accomplish any work. The rain destroyed Lencho's field. He was in big trouble but he had great faith in God. He wrote a letter to ask for 100 pesos. He got a reply to his letter with 70 pesos. We know that God did not reply but the postmaster replayed and it was just because of Lencho's faith.

Ques: Describe "the power of positive thinking" in reference to the lesson.
Ans: We can change our faith if we have positive thinking. As we learned in this lesson that the hailstone left Lencho's family starving that year. He had no neighbors and relatives to help me. He had no hope for help. Still, he had positive thinking. He said, "No one dies of hunger." This statement shows his positive thinking and it brought him out of trouble.

Ques: Why did Lencho decide to write a letter to God?
Ans: Lench was a simple farmer and he had a family with two sons and a wife. He lived in a solitary place. When the hailstone destroyed his crop he was in big trouble. He had left nothing to feed his family that year. He had a single hope of help from God. So decided to write a letter to God.  

Ques: Why did Lencho get anger receiving the letter? 
Ans: Lencho wrote a letter to God and asked for 100 pesos. Lencho became angry when he received the letter because there is only 70 pesos in the envelope. He thought the post office employees were a bunch of crooks. They might be stolen the rest of the money.

Ques: Sketch the Character of Lencho.
Ans: Lencho was a hard-working farmer. He lived in a lonely place. He worked hard like an animal in the fields but he was never sure about the harvest. When his crop was completely destroyed by the hailstorm, Ons was filled with sadness. He feared that he would have no corn that year. He thought that his family would starve. His only hope was 
help from God. He had deep faith in God. He believed that God alone could help him in his distress. So, he decided to write a letter to God. In his letter to God, he requested God to send him a hundred pesos so that he could sow his field again and feed his family. When he received the reply to his letter, he was not surprised to see the money. He became angry when he counted the money and found that it was Too little than he had asked for. He wrote another letter to God, requesting him to send him the rest of the money. He asked God not to send the money through the mail because he thought that the post office employees had taken away his money. Lencho's simplicity and faith in God win our sympathy.

Ques: What did the postmaster need to answer the letter?
Ans: Ans. Lencho's letter to God was first seen by a postman. When he saw it he broke into laughter. He took it to the postmaster. On seeing it he also laughed. But he soon turned serious. He admired the faith of man in God. He decided to answer the letter. But it was not easy to do so. The writer had requested God to send him a hundred pesos. It was a big amount for the postmaster. All the same, he struck off his resolution. He made a collection from his employees, his friends and he himself did not lag behind. But he could not raise more than seventy pesos in all. However, he put the money in an envelope, wrote Lencho's address on it, and asked the postman to give it to him when he came. In this
way, the post office employees helped Lencho a lot.

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