His first Flight Class 10 NCERT Book First Flight Questions Answers

His first Flight: We brought this chapter from Class 10th NCERT book First Flight. The chapter 'Two stories about flying" has two stories. One is the first flight and the second is the Black Aeroplane. Here we cover the first story. Firstly we learn the summary after that we solve the questions. Let's start:

His First Flight Short Summary

'His First Flight' composed by Liam O' Flaherty is a story of a young seagull who is afraid of flying. A family of seagulls survived on. A young seagull is laid off as he hesitates to fly and is one amongst the sluggish learners. All that this young seagull required was an inspiration. Using punishment, his household left him alone on the walk and also flew away. 
His first Flight Class 10 NCERT Book First Flight Questions Answers

They upbraided him, teased him for cowardice, and also threatened to allow him deprived. He continued to be hungry for twenty-four hrs and also was not able to shed off his scare of the trip. He sobbed asking his mommy to bring him some food. She got a piece of fish in her beak and flew throughout him and stood simply in front of him. The piece of fish in her beak was almost within the reach of his beak. 

The young seagull seethed with hunger. He dived at the fish. The following moment he discovered himself dropping outwards and down right into space. Intuitively, he spread his wings and flapped them. He skyrocketed upwards and all his anxiety is gone. It was a wonderful moment for his household. He forgot that he was ever worried about flying.

His First Flight Question Answers

Ques: Why was the young seagull afraid to fly?
Ans: Young seagull was a timid bird. He was afraid to die because he felt that his wings would not support him when jumping from his ledge. He would fall in the sea and die. He took a little running but in the end, he stopped and returned to his won position. 

Ques: Why did the young seagull's parents scold him?
Ans: His parents wanted to teach him the art of flying. They know it was the perfect time for their children. If they do not teach them then, they would never fly. His brothers and a sister had flown away an ago but the young seagull could not fly. They tried to persuade him but did not agree. So his parents scolded him.

Ques: How did the young seagull make his first flight?
Ans: His parents left him alone on his ledge. He had eaten nothing last 24 hours. He was very hungry. His mother grabbed a piece of fish and flew towards him. But she did not go closer to him. She hauled in the air. Young seagull manded of hunger dived at the fish. He fell into the space with a loud scream. Suddenly, he felt his wings were spreading and he flapped them. Now he was flying. Thus he made his first flight.

Ques: Describe the statement "The sight of the food mended him."
The young seagull was extremely starving. It was this appetite that inevitably urged it to fly. Its appetite intensified when it saw its mommy tearing at a piece of fish that lay at her feet. It sobbed to her, asking her to obtain some food. When its mom came towards it with food in her beak, it yelled with pleasure as well as anticipation. However, she quit midway. 

It questioned why she did not come nearer. Not being able to resist or control its cravings any longer, it dived at the food in its mom's beak. At that moment, his cravings subdued his anxiety of the excellent expanse of sea beneath the cliff. Ultimately, this plunge was adhered to by the all-natural reaction of its body, i.e. to fly.

Ques: What was the young seagull's experience of the sea?
He thought the sea was hard as a rock. He tried to stand on it but his legs sunk into it. He was surprised and tried to fly away but he could not. When his belly touched the surface of the sea, he sank no further.

Ques: How did the young Seagull's parents teach him the art of flying?
The Seagull's parents taught him the art of flying by encouraging him to fly. Then they flew over him side by side to give him protection. They also gave out loud noises. It had different signals in them. Thirdly, they flew in various forms so that the child saw these and tried for himself.

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