How to Prepare for the Exam in 10 Days

Now a Day, students always wait for tomorrow for the preparation caused they reach very closer to the exam. Now they start worrying about the examination. Here I will give your some tips and guidance to prepare for your exam in a few days. This guidance can bring changes in your thinking and enhance your learning abilities.

how to prepare for exam in 10 days.

How to Prepare for the Exam in 10 Days

1. Edit
The night before the test is not the time to schedule a lot of notes. Find a folder for each lesson and remove anything that does not match the actual test. Try and plan carefully what you will review the night before the test. Without wasting time, try to summarize your notes on a single sheet of paper covering key points to begin your memory.
2. Create a review schedule
By most of the 3rd and 6th years, the school is over. This means you need to rearrange how you plan your learning plan. Try to make a plan for the last week before the exams. Ideally, you will scan the entire article one last time. Try to avoid staying up too late because you will change your sleep cycle, which means you will feel more depressed when you get to the real tests. Try and keep the same rhythm as at school by getting up early and trying to avoid reading after 10pm. You can print the study schedule here

3. Learn wisely
Instead of sitting for hours on end doing a steady reading, try to study with three sets of 40 minutes each 40 minutes devoted to a particular topic or topic. Make sure you take a good break by exercising during each 2-hour session.

4. Practice the questions for the previous test
By now I hope you will have covered almost every topic so now is the time to test yourself by doing some real test questions past. Research shows that when you read with a question in mind rather than simply photographing a topic you will remember it.

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5. Learn what you can
It is obvious to say but readers often fall into the trap of reading the same notes over and over again. This is fine but last week, it was about closing the gaps. Doing test questions will show you what you still don't know. Go read them!

A great way to measure what you can try on our quiz feature. Based on previous test questions, our questions are a good tool for assessing how well you know a particular topic.

6. Take out your funny paper
One of the best things you can do is update your joke paper a few months ago. Look carefully at where you dropped the marks. If you have not yet learned where you made a mistake or found gaps in your knowledge then you are likely to make the same mistakes again in a real test.

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7. Know the layout of the paper
Make sure you know how the paper will be arranged. Many students spend a lot of time on the test finding out what questions they should be asking.

8. Eat, drink and exercise
Never read hungry, now is not the time to eat. Your brain needs a regular supply of glucose to function. This does not mean that you are saving sugar cane. Slowly digested carbohydrates like morning grain are good for the brain. Stay clean by drinking plenty of caffeinated beverages and taking short breaks. Exercising when you feel tired will leave you feeling energized.

9. Do a specific group activity
Once you have spent hours completing your personal study, group study sessions can be a great way to test your knowledge and see what you need to work on. Scroll through the exam paper and take turns explaining how you can answer any questions. It is amazing how you will remember when you explain it to someone. Just be careful to stay focused.

10. Look at yourself
For many Irish people, doing the Junior and Leaving Cert exams will be one of the most frustrating things they have ever done. It can also be a stressful time. It is really important to try and maintain a certain level of visual and familiarity in your life. If stress levels are overwhelming, the best thing you can do is talk to others. Chat with classmates, friends, or family, or even discuss your feelings on the Studyclix chat site.

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