A Triumph of Surgery Summary with Questions Answers English Class 10th.

A Triumph of Surgery: This chapter has been taken form the English book 'footprint without feet' of class 10th. To make the lesson easy for the students, we solved the summary and the important questions answers for the students. Don't waste your time to read uninterested books. Follow NCERT ANSWERS for the exam preparations at no tuition cost.

English class 10 summary with questions answers

A Triumph of Surgery Summary

Tricki was a tiny dog. His mate Pumphrey loved him very much. She lavishly fed him. She fed him food that was that was high in fats. Tricki never turned down food at any time. He was always hungry for food. He loved biscuits and cream cakes very often. Mrs. Pumphrey offered him cod-liver oil as well as Horlicks. She also gave the man wine for drinking.

All of this resulted in Tricki look like a huge sausage. He became extremely inactive. He stopped being interested in anything. He stayed up all day on the floor. He experienced a few episodes of vomiting. Mrs Pumphrey believed the patient was very sick. She contacted Dr. James Herriot who was a vet surgeon.

Mr. Herriot believed that this would take place. He knew Tricki was suffering due to eating too much. He had already created his plans. He made a firm statement. He stated that Tricki has to be admitted into the hospital for a week. The suggestion caused Mrs. Pumphrey nearly swoon. She believed that Tricki would never go one day without seeing his beloved. However, Mr. Herriot covered him with a blanket, carried him from the house and placed him in the car.

When Herriot arrived at his house and the dogs of the house surrounded Herriot. They looked at Tricki and did not show any interest in his. For two days Herriot did not provide him with any food. He gave him plenty drinking water. The doctor then began giving him a light meal. He didn't prescribe any medication. Within two weeks, Tricki began to show notice of his surroundings.

He was a bit sociable with the other dog breeds. He loved being rolled over. He was a part of the group. While at home, the teen was doing little or no exercise, but at the clinic it was full of exercise and had a lot of fun. A well-controlled diet and activities kept him fit.

Mrs. Pumphrey remained anxious about the health of Tricki. The doctor informed her that he was doing better and that he was recovering. The doctor suggested that he'd undergone one of the surgeries. Therefore, she would send every day two dozen eggs in fresh round form as well as brandy, wine, and eggs to him in hopes that he could be able to recover quickly. However, the doctor didn't give him these things since he did not need this kind of diet. Dr. X and colleagues were enthralled by the eggs, wine and brandy. After a few weeks the Mrs. Pumphrey came to collect Tricki. She was anxious and nervous. She was not sure if the man was okay. When the doctor arrived with Tricki to the hospital, he leapt immediately to the Mrs. Mrs. Pumphrey's arms. She was shocked to see the whole thing. She explained that it was a "Victory of Surgery.'

A Triumph of Surgery Questions Answers.

Q.1. Why is Mrs Pumphrey worried about Tricki?
Ans: Mrs Pumphrey is concerned about Tricki due to his illness. He's been refusing to eat anything and suffered periods of vomiting. The doctor believes he's suffering from a health issue that is serious like malnutrition.

Q.2. What does Mrs. Pumphrey do to help him? Is she wise in this?
Ans. Mrs Pumphrey begins to give him additional food items like malt, cod liver oil and Horlicks, aside from his meals to help improve his health. She also continues to indulge his craving for sweets with chocolates and cream cakes. She isn't giving him any exercise, despite the fact that he is apathetic as well. It isn't wise for her to be doing this as she's overfeeding Tricki will worsen his health instead of improving them. This has made him obese and inactive.

Q.3. Is the narrator as rich as Tricki’s mistress?
Ans. The narrator, however, isn't as wealthy as her mistress Mrs Pumphery. It is since the narrator is enthralled by the amount of money Mrs Pumphrey is able to spend on the health and care of their pet. He is particularly awed by the luxuries she provides for Tricki since he can't pay for them himself.

Q.4. How does James Herriot treat the dog?
Ans. James Herriot treats Tricki just the way how he would treat an overweight dog, which is what Tricki is. He decreases his intake of food and places the dog under strict supervision for the first few days of his stay in the hospital. Then, he gradually increases the amount of food Tricki eats and lets him go on exercises to improve his health.

Q.5. Why is he tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest?
Ans. Mr. Herriot is attracted to keep Tricki in his home as a constant guest because of the excellent drinks and food he's enjoying under the name of Tricki. He doesn't want to miss out on the luxury inflow of eggs that are fresh as well as brandy, wine and eggs.

Q.6. Why does Mrs Pumphrey think the dog’s recovery is ‘a triumph of surgery’?
Ans. Mrs Pumphrey believes that Tricki's recovery is a success of surgery due to the fact that his condition was severe. She believed that there were only a only a few possibilities for Tricki getting better and required immediate medical attention. Therefore, his recovery without any medical treatment was an amazing feat, in her opinion.

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