How to write a letter to father Class 10 English Letter Writing

Letter to Father: Dear students it's a family letter that you can write very easily. Here are the some important tips for the personal letter writing. In class 10, one question is asked on personal letter writing that you can solve following the given guidance.
letter writing class 10

Step for letter writing

  • At the top mention your address and date on the left.
  • Give salutation 'Dear father'
  • write your feeling or statement.
  • End the letter with love and respect.
  • At the end you mention your name below 'Your loving son' or 'Yours' '.
  • follow the given format.
personal letter format

Some Examples.

Question: Write a letter to your father asking for some money to buy important books and copies. it is one of the most VVI question for the 10th students is asked in the Board Examination.

Tundi, Dhanbad
Pin: 828142


Dear Father,
Since long time, I did not get any letter from you. I hope you all are sound and well. I am fine too. I am very busy at my study. My exam preparation has been almost done. My board exam is very near. I need some important books and copies. Please send me rupees of 1000 as soon as possible. 
                 Give my love to mom and youngers.
Your loving son

Questions: You are Rakesh live at Jamua Dhanbad. Your father send you a watch as gift on your birthday. The watch in not in good condition. As it has two years warranty, ask your father to replace it. Your letter should not more than 60 words.

Jamua Dhanbad
Pin: 828142


Dear Father,
I am very glad to receive your gift on my birthday. When I opened it, I was surprised. It was a watch. I really needed it. It is very very beautiful and useful for me. Suddenly, the watch stopped. I don't know what is the problem with it. It has two years warranty. I sent you the item. Please replace it. Mom, Sonu and Riku miss you.
                 Love you papa. 

Your loving son

Question: You are Kiran lives at Bartand Dhanbad. Write a letter to your father describing your hostel life.

KKLM School Hostel
Tundi, Dhanbad
17th August 2022

My dear father,
I know you were waiting for my letter. First of all, I want to say that I am quite well here and I hope you are also fine there. I am very glad to inform you that I am settled here perfectly. This letter I am specially writing to you to describe my life in the hostel. 
I study here with full concentration. I do my all daily work at the proper time. My classes start at 8 O’clock and end at 2 O’clock on workdays. The headmaster of the school is very cautious about students’ life. He has tried his best to provide the best facilities to students so that students can study with proper concentration. Apart from all these if I talk about meals, they provide meals only two times: 10:00 A.M. to 02:00 P.M. and 07:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. But you don’t worry I keep some foods for me to use when the mess is closed.
I share my room with three other girls. They all are too good. We study together and in the evening we go to the playground for playing. I do meditations in the morning as well.
Sometimes I miss you and the family.
With regards,

Your daughter

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