The Beggar Summary Class 9 English Moments

Chapter 10 of the Class 9 English Supplementary Reading Reader - Moments is a prose called The Beggar. It tells the story of Lushkoff, a drunkard beggar who was offered work by Sergie, an advocate. Lushkoff makes a change when Sergie offers him work. To find out what happens next, read the prose summary for NCERT Class 9 English Prose Notes-The Beggar in JACEnglish Notes format. This summary is intended to help students understand the chapter and prepare them for their English exams. You can also study how to write an essay for the exam.

NCERT Class 9 English The Begger Summary

Anton Chekhov wrote The Beggar. It is about Lushkoff, a poor alcoholic who used to rely on the roads to get work. To survive, he turned to begging. He met Sergie, a wealthy advocate, and asked him for work. He was dressed in a worn-out, tanned, tattered overcoat with dull eyes and a red spot on one cheek. He claimed that he was a former school teacher in a village and had lost his job because of a conspiracy against himself. He began to begging for food and survival.
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Sergei instantly recalled having seen the beggar in another street the previous day. Sergei recalled that the beggar was a student who had been expelled. The lawyer was disgusted and threatened to give the beggar to police because he had been lying to people. Lushkoff, upon hearing this, broke down and confessed that he had been lying to people in order to get their sympathy for his situation. Lushkoff admitted that he was a singer in a Russian choir, and was fired because of his drinking habits. He asked Sergie for work to help him make a living.

Sergei asked Lushkoff if he would chop wood for him at home. Sergie quickly agreed with Lushkoff and summoned Olga, his cook to bring the man to the woodshed. Olga did the same, as Lushkoff looked at her with disdain. He tried to cut wood, even though he was weak from his drinking. Sergie looked at Sergie and felt sorry for him. Olga told Sergie that all the wood had been cut an hour later. Sergie asked her to give Lushkoff half of a rouble in return for his work. He would eventually come once a month to perform the work, and then he would leave after receiving his wages.

Sergie soon moved into a new home and hired Lushkoff, a sober, courteous man, to pack and transport the furniture. He was a cold-shivering man, but he did his job well. Sergie saw his dedication and offered him a job that was more stable. Sergie wrote a letter to Lushkoff to send to a friend, where he would need some copy work. Lushkoff agreed, but he never came back to Sergie's.

Sergei met Lushkoff two years ago at the theatre's ticket counter to pay for his seat. He looked elegant and well-groomed. Sergie was amazed at his transformation and inquired about him. Lushkoff explained that he was a notary, and was paid thirty-five rubles per month. Sergei was pleased that Lushkoff could become a responsible person and felt proud of having shown him the way.

Sergie was kind enough to help him as a beggar, and Lushkoff thanked him. He also mentioned that Olga was his greatest source of gratitude for her kindness and compassion. He said that she was the one who cut the wood he was given. She was a generous lady and would donate the money she earned for him to do the wood-chopping task.

She would sometimes chide him but she would also weep over his poor state. He had been drinking and she advised him to stop. She was also responsible for his recovery. Lushkoff was able to change his mind thanks to her kindness and good deeds. Lushkoff stopped drinking and began working hard to earn his living. He admired her leadership and said that he will always be grateful to her kindness and cooperation.

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