The Lost Child class 9 summary

The fair is open to children. It was attended by all. Some took to the streets. Some rode horses while others rode in bullock carts. The little boy ran alongside his parents. He was thrilled. His father asked him to go, but he refused. To see the toys in shops, he remained behind. The toy was a big hit with the little boy. His parents were unable to buy it. They asked him to consider other options.

Other things are more attractive to children

It was the season for mustard flowering. It was a golden season. The mustard flowers were covered in dragonflies. One of the dragon-flies was caught by the child. His mother called him. He ran fast towards his parents. He heard the dove crooning. He was already picking up the flowers from the grove. He ran around the banyan tree as well. His parents called him again.

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The fair is reached by the child and his parents

The fair was soon reached by the child. The child heard a sweetmeat vendor calling him 'gulabjamun', rasogulla and burfi. The sweet shop was decorated with many sweets. The sweets made the child's eyes water. He exclaimed, "I want that burfi." He loved burfi. However, he didn't listen to his words.

The fair featured many scenes

He went along with his parents. He heard a seller of flowers say, "A garland o' gulmohur". The child went to the basket. He wanted a garland. He knew that his parents wouldn't buy it for him. He continued on. He then saw a balloon seller. He was able to choose from a variety of colours. He knew that his parents wouldn't buy him a balloon. He continued walking.

The child has been lost

The snake-charmer was then seen by the child. He was playing the flute to a snake. He was close to the snake-charmer. He knew his parents had requested that he not hear such music. He continued. He saw a merry go-round. It was a joy ride for children, men, and women. The child called and said, "I want the roundabout, Father, Mother." There was no response. The child was lost.

The child is in very poor health.

The child let out a deep, deep cry. He cried out, "Mother Father." His eyes rolled with tears. He cried, cried, and ran to and from. He couldn't even see his parents. He was laughed at by the people. He ran to a shrine. The shrine was full of people. The child walked a little faster between the people's feet. He was then pushed back. A man heard his cry. He held him in his arms.

The man attempts to find the parents of the child.

The man also asked the child how he got to where he is now. The man also wanted to know the names of his parents. The child said nothing but "I want to be with my father." The man took the boy to the merry go-round. He asked the child if he would like to ride on the horse. The child replied that he only wanted to be with his mother. The man then asked the child if he would like to take a balloon. The child cried and sobbed. He wanted only his mother and father.

The child is taken to the sweetmeat and flower seller.

The man took the child to the flower seller. He asked the child if he would like a flower garland around his neck. He turned his nose. He said nothing but "I want to be a mother." He said, "I want my father." The man then asked the child which sweet he preferred. The child turned and said nothing. He said nothing but "I want to be with my mother." He said, "I want my father."

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